Client Update Newsletter: April 2022

April is tax month! Included this month is a fun state tax quiz. In addition, there are answers to common tax questions received this month plus lots of great money management tips.

Welcome to tax month! Perhaps welcome is not quite the right word, but to help lighten the mood, included in this month’s newsletter is a fun state tax quiz plus answers to the most common questions taxpayers ask during the month.

Also read about ideas to manage your emergency fund while in our new inflationary environment and a dozen money topics every young person should understand prior to leaving the nest.

Enjoy! Please feel free to forward the information to someone who may be interested in a topic and call
with any questions you may have.

In this issue:
A Fun State Tax Quiz. Go Figure…
A quiz to celebrate April tax month!

Protect Your Emergency Fund From Inflation
Common April Tax Questions Answered!
Help Your High School Student Become Money Smart
A dozen great topics!