Client Update Newsletter: September 2022

New energy credit details and understanding the financial landmine if your car is ever totaled by insurance lead this month’s newsletter. Read on!

This month’s newsletter recaps the details of the revamped electric vehicle tax credit and other energy credits in newly passed legislation.

Also included this month are some tips to review your recurring monthly bills that seem to automatically creep up. And there is a revealing article on a financial landmine that exists for EVERY car owner that has their vehicle deemed a total loss by an insurance company after an accident.

Plus a great set of ideas to protect your Social Security Number from prying eyes!

Please feel free to forward the information to someone who may be interested in a topic and call with any questions you may have.

Upcoming dates
  • September 15
  • Filing deadline for extended 2021 calendar-year S corporation and partnership tax returns
  • 3rd quarter installment of 2022 estimated income tax is due for individuals, calendar-year corporations and calendar-year trusts & estates
  • October 17
  • Filing deadline for extended 2021 individual and C corporation tax returns
In this issue: